How To Deploy – Associate File Extension and Icon with VB2005 EXE

Deployment and Associations

When installing an application on a target computer, you may want to associate a particular file type with your application. For example, if your application creates and uses files with an extension of .myfile, you would want your application to be associated with the .myfile file type so that when a user double-clicked a .myfile file, it would open in your application.

You may also want to associate and icon with your documents.

The deployment tools in Visual Studio include a File Types Editor, which allows you to specify document types and associate them with file extensions and icons. In addition, you can specify the verbs or actions for each document type and specify MIME types for the document types for use in browsers.

Use the links above to learn how to use the File Types Editor to associate your file types with your application during deployment.

Click the Install Your System with VB.NET 2.0 link for an overview of deployment in .NET 2.0.

Click the Deployment and Associations link for an overview of associating file extensions and icons during deployment.

Click the File Types Management in Deployments link to get an introduction to the File Types Editor and links to ‘how to’ use the File Types Editor topics on MSDN.


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